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Oscar Wylee

Opening Hours
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07 5372 9502
Shop T1050, Noosa Civic Shopping Centre, 28 Eenie Creek Road, Noosaville, Qld, 4566

The idea behind Oscar Wylee was simple: to provide high-quality, affordable eyeglasses with a vintage feel.  We’re not doing anything too complicated – just cutting out the middleman – giving you the same glasses direct from the factory, minus the price tag.

Our prescription glasses are made with the same high quality materials as the ultra-high priced frames you see in designer boutiques.  As an independent company, we’re able to deliver designer quality eyeglasses at an exceptional price because we cut out all the middlemen.

The vast majority of higher end fashion brands do not design or manufacture their own eyewear.  Instead, they sell the licensing rights to a couple of large companies that do all the work for them.  After the production phase, and licensing fees have been paid, these companies then on-sell the branded glasses to optical shops at an exorbitant price.  Following this, optical shops multiply the cost several times before selling them to you.

Everything, from the design to the manufacture and the sale of our glasses is managed in-house.  We don’t partner with companies that monopolise the market and charge excessive licensing fees.  We sell our frames direct to you through our web store enabling you to bypass the optical shops and their high prices.