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Toys for Joy.

October 22, 2021

BIG W are excited to bring you ‘Toys for Joy’, their new toy recycling program launching across 41 BIG W stores. It’s designed to not only declutter your home of old, broken or unwanted toys, but also to help contribute to a joyful future, like helping to create new play experiences. What’s more, it also helps stop toys being sent to landfill.

BIG W have partnered with recycling experts TerraCycle, who know a thing or two about how to turn old toys into something wonderful. Now your toys will have a second life, bringing more joy to kids in need as new fun places to play. This is just one of their new sustainable initiatives, such as creating a new range of Glitter Free Christmas decorations, switching to LED lighting in store and  recycling plastic bottles to create shopping trolleys and baskets, as well as stocking organic cotton. 

So, do you have old, broken toys cluttering up your home? Don’t bin them, donate them to BIG W. Just drop them into our Toys for Joy chest in store. 

For more information on how and what to donate for a joyful future visit

Toys for Joy bin