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How to pack the perfect lunchbox

July 20, 2021

when you don’t have time!

I know it can feel overwhelming to create exciting and inspiring lunchboxes especially when you’re a busy Mum. I love homemade where possible for my family’s health and for our budget.  BUT we are so lucky now that the perfect lunch box fillers can be found at your local Woolworths, if you know what you are looking for.

My secret to supermarket shops and perusing the processed food isles is check for whole clean ingredients. Avoid any preservative’s (chemical sounding names), Colours (numbers), emulsifiers and vegetable oils. We want our store brought snacks to be as close to whole foods as possible so if there is an ingredient you don’t know, my advice is pop it back on the shelf.

You always want to make sure your bases are covered in your lunch box with sources of protein like meat, chicken and eggs, legumes and tofu. Fats such as avocado, nuts and seeds and carbohydrates with plenty of colour from fresh fruits, veggies and healthy wholegrains.

Below are some of my favourite items I grab from my local Noosa Civic Woolworth’s.

Cere’s organic coconut rolls – These little rolls taste like summer.  They are gluten and dairy free, have no nasties and do not contain ludicrous amounts of sugar.

coconut rolls

Cheese – When looking for a good quality cheese make sure ingredients are minimal; milk, salt and a starter culture is all you need. My favourite supermarket brand is Mainland. We also love Meredith Dairy goat’s cheese on a rice cake with some honey. Dairy if tolerated is a fantastic source of calcium and protein. Goat’s products can often be better tolerated due to the A2 protein and a fantastic option.

Bliss balls – Tom and Luke snack balls – These come in various yummy flavours, sweetened naturally with dates these are a great fun lunch box filler. I love these come in a bag rather than individually wrapped to save on plastics.

Nutrition balls


Yogurt – Another great protein and calcium source for our growing kids. Plus yogurt is a fermented food full of probiotic goodness our gut bugs will love. I always opt for plain yogurt as many flavoured yogurts contain excess sugar and artificial colours and flavours. Some of my favourite choices would be the Jalna pot set (I often add some chia in with this for a great fibre hit) and Cocobella for a diary free option.

Macro organic eggs – Boiled eggs are the perfect lunch box staple. Eggs are a total nutrient powerhouse and a rich source of choline which is essential for mood, memory and nervous system; so perfect for the busy kid.


Macro Organic Brazil Nuts (if not nut free) – A brilliant source of healthy fats and nutrients including an extremely concentrated source of a trace mineral called selenium which is vital for thyroid health, immune system and cell growth. Serve as is, blend into balls and slices or even drop a few in a smoothie to get your daily selenium intake.

Munch Me pumpkin Seed Snacks – Slightly sweet and crunchy and perfect for nut free school zones. Pumpkin seeds are amazing prebiotic fibre which is great for healthy bowel movements plus these have only 2g of sugar per serve if you can stop at one.

snacks and flowers


Mountain Bread Wraps – These are my go-to wraps, not gluten free but minimal ingredients and easy to use. Try doing a chicken salad wrap, grated cheese and carrot or tuna with mayo and sweetcorn.

Fruit and Veggie Stick’s – Of course never look past simple cut up fruit and veggies. If your kids are not keen on veggies make them more exciting by using different shape veggie cutters to entice them. I have a crinkle cutter which Sage loves helping with.


Good nutrition is so simple. Do not overthink it and maybe try some of the yummy products I’ve suggested to make life a little easier on those busy days.  Most of all, you got this Mumma’s.

Love and health

The gut fix mummy.