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12 Back To School Hacks To Save Your Sanity.

April 4, 2022

Let’s be honest, the average school morning can be pretty rushed and stressful, even on a good day. With a million things to do before you even get out the door, simultaneously wrangling unenthusiastic kids who insist on moving snails pace when it’s least convenient…it’s easy for everyone to start the day on a bad foot. Or at the very least, two shoes on the wrong foot.

To help you ease the load, we’ve compiled a few back to school hacks to keep you all feeling a little more prepared in the morning; and a little less cranky by the time you reach the drop off zone.

1. Prepare breakfast ahead of time
Preparing the kids a healthy, wholesome brekkie in the morning before school is more time consuming than you’d think. If you’re feeling time poor or if your little darlings need an extra something to snack on in the car to full their tummies for the morning ahead, an easy grab-and-go breakfast is the way forward. Here are some brekkie ideas you can prepare ahead of time to make it a little easier:

2. Pack lunchboxes the night before
This is probably the most time consuming part of any parent’s morning. And let’s be honest, the most soul destroying too. Lunchbox hacks are a whole other article, but for now we can highly recommend taking the stress out of your morning and preparing the night before. While you prep dinner, cut up your extra veg and fruit. Throw in some wholefood snacks. Grate some extra cheese. Divvy it up into lunchboxes and all you have to do is make a fresh sandwich or wrap in the morning. Remember to fill water bottles and keep them in the fridge for the kids to grab themselves in the morning too. A pre-planned and prepared lunchbox is possibly the best hack to make your school morning a breeze.

3. Make your own ice pack
If you find yourself stuck because the kids have lost all their ice packs at school and you haven’t had a chance to buy some replacements, try freezing a clean, wet sponge inside a resealable bag. It keep lunchboxes cool before lunch and can even be used as refreshing face cleaner after lunch. Handy!.

4. Easily clean that disgusting lunch bag
Sometimes wiping down your kids lunch bag doesn’t quite do the job. And there’s nothing worse than pulling out your lunch box from a dodgy smelling bag. It’s near impossible to remove that crusty yogurt and smell of ham. The easiest solution is to open the bag and run it through the dishwasher face down on the top rack. Let it air-dry on a rack or in the sun and it’ll look (and smell) almost new. #Winning.

5. Plan outfits the night before
As the old saying goes, if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. Throw your kids some responsibility to get their uniforms ready the night before. And set the example with planning your own outfit too. It sounds simple, but this one task takes away extra stress from the morning rush. Especially if there’s some last minute ironing or shoe polishing to be done!

6. Turn Your Entryway Into After School HQ
If you haven’t got a dedicated space yet, now is the time to turn your entry way or mud room into a school command centre. Have hooks or crates for backpacks and shoes, and smaller boxes for any important papers. And make sure the kids learn to put their lunchboxes in the kitchen the moment they step in the door. This way, everything is organised and smooth sailing.

7. Create a routine or checklist for the kids
Save yourself from having to ask the kids to brush their teeth seventeen time and try writing down their morning school routine. You can also take photos and create a check list. And take it one step further by setting a timer for them to complete each task. Kids are actually really great at following a list if you give them one. And it’s amazing how motivational a simple countdown can be.

8. Add a Back-of-the-Door Checklist
This is as much for you, as it is the kids. When rushing out the door, it’s easy to forget something important, like a swim bag. Keep a list of important items per day of the week and stick it to the back of the door. This way everyone can do one last check before they pile into the car.

9. Keep Shoes on the Right Feet
This is the perfect opportunity for your young child to learn which shoe goes on which foot. And cuts down the time of you having to help them work it out or do a last minute shoe swap. Plus this solutions allows you to label shoes at the same time! Cut a name label in half, and put the beginning in the left shoe, and the end in the right. When your child lines up their shoes to read their name correctly, she’ll also figure out how to put them on!

10. Keep uniforms separate from other clothing
Keep a separate hamper for school clothes so you can keep them together throughout the wash cycle. And then allocate a space in a cupboard just for school uniforms to keep everything in one, accessible place. No more hunting for socks and PE shorts!

11. Add a ‘post office’ to your child’s school bag
Dedicate a document folder to keep in your child’s school bag and label it ‘Post Office’. All mail ie. artwork, school letters and forms should be delivered via the post office, not scrunched up and thrown into the bottom of the school bag.

12. Save artwork
Find a system to save your kids artwork so it doesn’t get lost, damaged or thrown away. One day it’ll be great for them to look back on. Dedicate each child a folder for the year where you can save their creative pieces and at the end of the year find time to cull a few and then archive the rest. Photo books are a great way to do this. Colour scan them and then find an easy-to-use app or online business to print your annual artbook. Such a special way to hold on to those memories