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Tropicana Putt Putt

June 10, 2022

Let’s Get Tee-Tropical!

Meet you at the green, because we’re ready to par-tee. Grab a club, collect your ball, and have a tee-riffic time.

Putt your way through the 5 holes, challenged by fruity objects, interesting obstacles and fun props.

It’s the best by Par fun you’ll have these holidays with plenty of fun photo opportunities throughout.


Dates:  Monday 27th June – Saturday 9th July 2022

Times: 9.30am – 1.30pm daily

Cost: Gold Coin Donation to Wishlist

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age requirement?

While there is no age requirement we do recommend ages 3+

Where is this located?

There are two locations; in front of Woolworths and next to the food court, each with 3-holes.  You can start at either end.  You’ll be given a club and a ball at each location so there is no need to take your club and ball with you.

Is there a time limit?

No time limit but we ask you to be considerate of anyone in front of you.

How do I make my gold coin donation?

You can make your donation at either locations to the Check in staff.  They will then give you a ticket to show at the other end.

Do I take my club and ball to the other location?

Leave your club and ball when you finish. You will get another set at the other location.

Do I have to book?

Bookings are not required, however we do ask you to wait patiently in line during busy times.

About our chosen charity

Calm Fairies are a Wishlist funded diversional therapy for paediatric patients at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

Visits from the Calm Fairies assist to calm children before or during medical procedures as well as offering young patients lessons on meditation, breathing exercises, play activities and yoga sessions.

These relaxation and calming techniques teaches children how to reduce anxiety and keep a positive mindset, which is useful during and after their hospital stay.

We’re thrilled to be able to support this incredible initiative in our community.


Kids in hospital with calm fairy