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The Best Walking Track in Noosa National Park

September 13, 2019

Nestled at the southern end of Hastings Street in Noosa, you’ll find my favourite spot on the Sunshine Coast – Noosa National Park. A winding oasis of walking tracks, secluded beaches, lush rainforest, rugged coastline, spring wildflowers and panoramic vistas, it’s easy to see why
this is a popular spot amongst locals and visitors alike.

With dolphins frolicking all year round, whales migrating past during the cooler months, and koalas snuggled in the gum trees above, Noosa National Park is a wonderful spot to enjoy Queensland’s beautiful climate.

There is an array of walking tracks to suit all fitness levels and interests, however my favourite track (and the most popular) hugs the coastline. Taking approximately 20 minutes one way, the track starts at the entrance of Noosa National Park, where there is lots of day parking. It can get busy, particularly during holidays and warm, sunny days so make sure you arrive early in the morning. Do note that if the surf is good around the points at Noosa National Park, you will struggle to find a car park. So, you may have to walk in from Hastings Street, which is totally ok because the views are gorgeous, and the boardwalk is currently being refurbished and will be completed in time for Christmas this year. With extra viewing platforms to add to the refurbishment, I think most people will enjoy the walk starting from Hastings Street instead!

Once you start the walk you’ll soon find yourself at the first viewing platform at Boiling Pot. This spot offers incredible views over Tea Tree Bay and across the ocean to the famous coloured sands of Rainbow Beach. From here you will continue up a very slight hill, then walk back down
the other side through thick, lush native trees towards Tea Tree Bay. Here you will always find a few surfers and paddle boarders in the water, enjoying the point breaks here.

After walking past Tea Tree, you’ll soon find yourself walking up another hill and over to Dolphin Point. It’s at this point where the track trades a concrete pathway for dirt and small rocks. This is where most people stop and make their way back, especially those with children
in prams. As a reward for your efforts, there are multiple viewing platforms and spots to sit and enjoy the views from Dolphin Point, and you’ll often see people snap a few photos from here.

Once you’re rested and you’ve soaked up all the views, you’ll walk back in the direction you came and whilst the track might be the same, your perspective of the views is entirely different. It’s a breathtaking experience to say the least. When you find yourself getting closer to the
entrance to Noosa National Park, a quiet sense of calm will most definitely overcome you, and you’ll walk away feeling so much closure to nature knowing you only left footprints on the pristine sandy beaches behind.

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