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Stuck in Isolation?

February 24, 2022

Here are 5 feel-good series to pass the time.

So you’re stuck in iso and secretly excited at the prospect of a week in slippers, cleaning out the cupboards and binge watching an array of series on Netflix.  And if we’re going to be flicking from one episode to the next, the last thing we want is some sad and sorry story to detract from our happy home bubble of government enforced self-indulgence. Hence, we decided to share a few of our fave shows that are not only binge worthy, but oh so feel-good too.

So pop the popcorn and put your feet up. Here are 5 great series to keep you entertained whilst stuck in isolation:

Emily In Paris
When Emily is given the opportunity to move to Paris to work for a top advertising firm Savoir, she doesn’t hesitate to pack her bags and kiss her finance goodbye. What she doesn’t expect is the inevitable culture clash between her small town American upbringing and the French, along with her struggles to gel with her work colleagues, make friends and fall in love. Set and filmed in Paris, this light-hearted series is fabulous in all aspects from the fashion, lifestyle and culture to the cutesy comedy and interesting relationships. Recently renewed for a third and fourth season, Emily in Paris is pure guilt-free pleasure. Watch it on Netflix.

After Life
After Life is a British black comedy-drama series created, written, produced, and directed by Ricky Gervais, who plays lead character Tony Johnson. Tony’s life is turned upside down after his wife dies from breast cancer. Following this he contemplates suicide, but instead decides to spend his life getting back at the world by saying and doing whatever he wants regardless of how it makes other people feel. With plenty of tear-jerking moments, you see a grieving man learning to navigate life after loss and move from a dark place to a better person, with some seriously laugh out loud moments in between. Watch it on Netflix.

And Just Like That
Carrie and the rest of the Sex and the City crew first graced our screens in 2008, celebrating four smart and dynamic New York women sticking together through their personal ups and downs and outrageous sexual escapades. And Just Like That picks up that story 14 year later, with the same amount of fabulous, high fashion and intriguing relationship dynamics. But this time the girls are older, wiser and more inclined to issues like menopause, personal loss and extramaritial affairs.  Celebrating everything that comes with the ageing process, the feel-good of this series comes from the unrivalled friendships between strong and independent women. Watch it on Binge.

Good Girls
Good Girls is another feel-good series featuring three women who get tired of their predictable and submissive roles in society and decide to stand up and take what they want. In an ironic sort of way, this involves them robbing a supermarket and ultimately becoming entangled in a dangerous money laundering gang. But despite these average mums spiral down a rabbit hole of gang heists, murder and affairs, there are a lot of good laughs and an amusing story line which has us loving all the characters – even the murdering type gang members. This is a story of when good girls go bad and you want them to succeed at it. Lots of fun! Watch it on Netflix.

The Great
If you enjoyed watching The Bridgertons Series then we feel this may be another not-so-true historical series for you. Starring Elle Fanning as Catherine the Great; and Nicholas Hoult as her deranged husband Peter III, The Great is a fictional satirical comedy drama about Catherine’s rise to longest-reigning female in Russia’s history. Recently renewed for a third season, this series is both funny and addictive. So pour yourself a cup of tea and make the most of your down time in isolation with this anti-historical masterpiece. Watch it on Stan.