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Seven Tips on How to get the Best Santa Photo

November 7, 2019

We know how special that Santa keepsake photo can be in years to come, so we’ve put together our top tips on getting the best shot with Santa:

  1. Know your children’s routine, and choose the time of day when they are happiest. It may seem obvious but allow plenty of time, and avoid nap and meal times.
  2. Visit during our quieter times – early in the season weekdays is usually best. If that doesn’t work, try later in the day as it is often quieter than when the set first opens.
  3. Snacks. Yes, allll the snacks! Worried about snacks messing up their cute outfit? Feed them before you come.
  4. Let the photographer work their charm to get a ‘natural’ moment. You’ll look back and love the character of your child at that age. Avoid asking them to ‘smile properly’.
  5. Stand behind the photographer to help get your children to smile, that way they’ll be looking in the direction of the camera.
  6. Bring along their favourite toy or book to keep them happy.
  7. Have a child that’s scared of Santa? Stop and watch other children for awhile first. Or try walking past Santa while visiting prior. You’re also welcome to pop in days/weeks prior to your session and see Santa (without getting a photo). And finally – we are offering complimentary Santa Story Time this year. Which means your child can go sit with Santa and other children and enjoy some Christmas stories which may help ease them in.


View here to see when you can join us for Santa’s Story time.


Have any other tips you think may help other families? Let us know by emailing