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3 tips on how to dispose of your Bamboo Toothbrush

November 20, 2019

1.     Upcycle It

We all know those tricky grouts in the bathroom that can be hard to get to. If you can reuse your worn out toothbrush before you compost it, then it’s a win win in our books! Simply boil in hot water for 3-5 minutes between use.


2.      Remove the Bristles

Before composting the toothbrush, make sure you remove the bristles. Simple grab a pair of pliers and start pulling at the bristles until they have all been removed.


3.      Compost it

Once the bristles have been removed, it’s ready for composting. If you have a backyard compost set up, you may want to break it up a bit before putting it in by hitting with a hammer (very carefully!). If it’s going into a commercial composter then you can leave it intact.

Not sure where you can compost? Check out Share Waste to find a local collection host.