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5 places to take the kids when it’s raining – written by Chevaune Hindley.

June 7, 2019


It’s raining again, we’re all stuck inside, the kids are going bonkers and I’m about to go Marie
Kondo on their butts. That’s right, the little rats are sparking no joy and they’re running the
gauntlet towards the growing pile for curbside collection.

The problem (not a problem) with Noosa is that our greatest attraction is our beaches, rivers
and natural environment. So when the rain comes down, we’re usually a little stumped as to
where we can venture with the kids.

So to save your sanity and them being donated to charity, we’ve gathered a few of our favourite
rainy day activities to get you all out of the house. (And because we feel you, we’ve obviously
made sure there’s always a coffee in arms reach. You’re welcome.)

Here are the best places on the Sunshine Coast to take your kids when the rain comes to play:

1. Noosa Civic

Well it goes without saying that we would put our hands up for this one. Noosa Civic has the
perfect play area to use up all the energy. And if you can make it on a Wednesday you can join
in on our free kids morning which usually entails fun activities such as story time, craft,
colouring, face painting, bubbles and more. Plus there’s no shortage of options for a little
morning tea. Perfect for a rainy day!

2. Noosa Leisure Centre Kids’ Play Room

Using the best $5 you’ll ever spend, let your kid bounce off the walls in the Noosa Leisure
Centre soft play room. Designed for kids 0-5 years, there’s everything from a trampoline,
jumping castle, swings and a gazillion balls. More importantly there’s coffee in reach and comfy
chairs to relax on while the kids run wild.

3. Noosaville Bowling and Laser Tag

A bit of fun for all ages, Noosaville Bowling and Laser Tag often flies under the radar when the
sun is out, but it’s a sure bet on a rainy day. The kids especially love the laser tag. Once you’ve
had enough and blink your way back into the daylight, head across to Belmondos for a good
coffee hit. Coz’ grownups need stuff too.

4. Bunnings

Yes, it sounds like a weird suggestion. But my kids love it, especially on the weekends when
there’s free craft and popcorn. The play area is a winner, the coffee is pretty good and watching
your kids zoom down the aisle nearly taking out a few other customers at the knees is great for
getting your own heart rate up. Plus who doesn’t love buying random stuff at Bunnings, right??

5. Arcade Box

This little secret treasure in Noosaville is like a time machine back into the 80’s. Arcade Box is
considered a community arcade where you’ll find classic games like Pac-Man, Space Invaders
and Street Fighter, as well as Pinball machines galore! All games are only $1 each and once
you’ve played to your heart’s content you can hop across the road to Land and Sea Brewery.
Kid friendly with good beer – the perfect day out!